Mélanie Clémençon and Caroline Suarez are sisters. Both are driven by the same passion : creation.

While one is a fashion designer, the other is an illustrator.

In September 2016, they unit their talent and energy to create a whole lifestyle for children from 2 to 10 years old. So was born WILL WOODY BE !

Sharp-eyed buyers spot immediately this new brand : Le Bon Marché, Colette, Merci and Smallable are the first retailers to back up this new adventure, full of promises, colors and joy. It's a wonderful journey. One year later when you travel you will find WILL WOODY BE in the best concept stores from around the world.

WILL WOODY BE aims to show children the beauty of "passion" jobs and to encourage their dreams. Astronaut, fire worker, dancer, florist, fisherman, mechanic, horse rider... The field of possibilities is endless. Our children can spread up in this positive consciousnesses of thing surrounding them.

WILL WOODY BE's field of expression goes from wool, leather, to paper and wood in order to transmit this philosophy. By wearing or using a WILL WOODY BE'S garment / accessory, children can immediately access the fantastic world of the people they wish to identity themselves to.

Thanks to WILL WOODY BE, boys and girls learn how to play and build up their own personality.

(We know now that adults love also to play and build... they are welcome !)